iGP and Logifuture Partnership: A Leap Forward in Emerging Markets

iGP and Logifuture Partnership: A Leap Forward in Emerging Markets


iGaming Platform joins forces with Logifuture, setting the stage for a notable expansion in emerging markets. The partnership aims to bring Logifuture’s carefully crafted games portfolio to emerging markets, leveraging the synergies between Logifuture and iGaming Platform to enhance the overall gaming experience for users and drive innovation in the industry.

Leveraging Synergies for Enhanced Gaming Experience

The primary aim of this partnership is to introduce Logifuture’s diverse portfolio of games to these new markets. By leveraging the combined strengths of both iGaming Platform and Logifuture, this alliance seeks to elevate the user experience in online gaming. The synergy between these two gaming powerhouses is anticipated to drive significant innovation in the iGaming sector.

A Union of Passion and Dedication

Julia Uskova, Business Development Manager at iGaming Platform, emphasizes the importance of relationships in business. “Our collaboration with Logifuture is not just about strategic growth; it’s a journey reflecting our shared passion and commitment. Logifuture’s innovative approach complements iGaming Platform’s dedication to excellence, and we’re excited to set new industry standards together,” she said.

Expanding in African and Latin American Markets

Tero Vienonen, Head of Commercial at Logifuture, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “Joining forces with iGaming Platform is a significant step. Our collaboration focuses on understanding and addressing specific market needs. We’re confident that this will enhance user engagement and player retention. With Logifuture’s expertise in African and Latin American markets, combined with iGaming Platform’s extensive network and reputation, we’re poised to make a substantial impact,” he remarked.

Setting New Standards in the iGaming Industry

This collaboration between iGaming Platform and Logifuture is more than a business endeavour. It’s a powerful fusion of market expertise and innovative solutions, poised to elevate standards in the iGaming industry. The partnership marks a pivotal moment for both organizations, promising to unlock new possibilities and redefine excellence in online gaming.

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