How a localised approach makes iGP an ideal partner across the globe

How a localised approach makes iGP an ideal partner across the globe

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At iGP, one thing that sets us apart is how we take a detailed and localised approach to each market in which we operate. We see this as a productive method which considers the nuances of each market, and we want to make sure our partners are catered for in the best way that suits them.

In the past, we have seen operators struggle to succeed in markets where they have been unable to adapt their offering for the specifics of that territory in a sufficient amount of time. When your competitors are providing newer technology, and making greater investment in that technology, it will always be very challenging to compete.

When we mention localised products, we do not just mean by offering games that players in that particular market would like to play. Our approach includes the sign-up process, compliance procedures in each region, customer support language, managed services and every single aspect being tailored to local launches, throughout the whole process.

As Dirk Camilleri, iGP’s Chief Product Officer, says: “Localisation is absolutely key to our strategy. We’re planning to localise our content and make sure it’s adaptable to the culture and linguistic preferences of each market. We will do that by offering region-specific games, employing local teams who have the cultural understanding of that market, and making sure the marketing campaigns and focus resonates with the local audience. We want to offer a tailor-made experience for players.”

Latin American opportunity

The iGP Core Platform is renowned for its reliability, scalability and efficient integration process, which enables genuine innovation to flourish. Operator feedback tells us the industry is incredibly receptive to our innovation across new technologies, and their reaction to our offerings have so far been very significant.

With regulation set to spread across Latin America, there is no doubt that particular region will play an important part in the growth of our platform, and this is absolutely a region where localisation will be crucial. With 33 countries, Latin America is set to come into focus for more and more stakeholders in the igaming industry in the coming years.

We are particularly looking forward to opportunities that are soon to be presented to us in Brazil, with GGR projected to reach $3.23bn by 2027, and that is sure to lead the way for regulation in other countries. We have to think about Peru, following the recent announcement that 145 licence requests were received by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism in one month alone. With Argentina and Venezuela also looking to regulate, analysts are suggesting a quadrupling in value of the LatAm market by 2026 is possible.

Given the number of territories and the overall population of more than 650 million residents, there should not be a one-size-fits all approach to LatAm. A localised approach to each market, as well as specific regions within those markets, is the one we will be taking.

It is key to avoid rushing to market without a clear plan for tapping into that market and acknowledging what will work for operators, and in turn, their players. This is where our comprehensive market research comes into play, and this is how we boost our localisation efforts. We ensure we understand markets, and there are a number of issues we look to address in each one we go into.

We will consider the types of games players want to play, the kind of user interface they find easy to navigate, and what would drive retention, enticing players to continue to use one particular site. The research and analysis is conducted by compiling data from our audience. We operate globally, so we have many data points to harvest information from and we can work out an effective strategy for each market based on the data we have.

Cross-selling via Tropicana

As part of our upcoming launch in LatAm, we are planning to make our offering even stronger with the introduction of Tropicana in late Q2. We recently treated visitors and delegates at the iGP stand at SiGMA Americas in Sao Paulo, where we showcased pre-launch demos of our highly effective new template. Tropicana will help us enhance our product offering, following the recent launch of our sportsbook product, by increasing cross-sell opportunities with casino.

With Tropicana, the experience across both sportsbook and casino is quite similar, in terms of switching and navigating, and the benefits are two-fold. When you’re navigating in the casino, we will deploy a sportsbook widget which will present you with a list of ongoing matches, which can generate a payslip in one tap, without necessarily moving away from the online casino.

Similarly, the widget can show online casino offers and games while the player is using the sportsbook. Aside from that, there are targeted promotional and loyalty programs that we are building, which will encourage players to engage with multiple product lines between the verticals. This is just one example of how localisation will be beneficial to our partners.

Global view

While LatAm is providing a high degree of excitement for us, that does not mean we are not focused on other markets. We are currently developing new templates which will target locations across the globe, with a particular focus on markets in Asia.

Product rundown

Within the white-label iGP platform, we provide a range of services, including advanced reports, a vault engine, a content management system, a bonus engine, fraud and risk management, multi-tenant and multi-language support, a power shop and promo shop, gamification and loyalty points, reports with real-time data, segmentation, security, certifications and licenses, and customer experience management. 

Meanwhile, iGaming Labels presents a product offering of ready-to-launch templates for online casinos. Partners can make the most of a seamless transition from concept to operation.

The most recent addition is iGaming Deck, our single API aggregator. iGaming Deck delivers a fully intuitive UI through a centralised hub.

All bases covered, whatever the region

Our partners can choose the region, and we can create the perfect product which yields results and helps you hit all your metrics via a tailored, localised approach. Whether these targets are regarding traffic plans, conversions, deposit conversions, profitability, or conversion, return and retention rates, we have you covered.

With the experience, products, technology, and dynamic solutions we can provide, we are able to fit every need and help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to get in touch with the team and find out more.

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