A Conversation with Maria Di Mitrio at SBC Barcelona 2023 - iGaming Platform

A Conversation with Maria Di Mitrio at SBC Barcelona 2023

Maria Di Mitrio Interview at SBC Barcelona 2023
At this year’s SBC Barcelona, we had the pleasure of sitting down with iGaming Platform’s esteemed Product Director, Maria Di Mitrio, delving deep into the latest products and the unique edge iGaming Platform brings to the saturated gaming market. As pioneers in the iGaming industry, our discussion revolves around the innovative approaches iGaming Platform adopts and why operators should consider conversations about Crypto Casinos.

1. Revelation of Innovation: iGaming Platform’s Latest Product Launch 🚀

The first segment of our interview explores iGaming Platform’s recent product launches such as iGamingLabels and related template solutions, iGamingDeck Aggregator and our new crypto solution (multi-wallet and crypto only).

Question: What new product have iGaming Platform launched recently?

2. Distinctive Edge: How iGaming Platform Surpasses Competition 💡

Dive into the second part of our conversation to uncover the distinct advantages iGaming Platform holds over competitors. Maria Di Mitrio shares insights on our philosophy and methodologies, painting a vivid picture of what makes iGaming Platform a leader in the industry.
Question: What makes iGaming Platform stand out from the competition?

3. Crypto Frontier: Elevate Your Gaming Experience with iGaming Platform 🪙

Crypto Casinos are reshaping the iGaming landscape. In the final part of our discussion, learn why operators need to delve into conversations with iGaming Platform about their flexible crypto solution which accommodate multiple use case scenarios from the pure crypto only to the multi wallet approach.
Question: Why should Operators talk to iGaming Platform about Crypto Casinos?

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