Dirk Camilleri, iGP’s Chief Product Officer answers key questions - iGaming Platform

Dirk Camilleri, iGP’s Chief Product Officer answers key questions

Dirk Camilleri

What are the main challenges faced by operators and how does iGP solve these issues?

Dirk Camilleri, Chief Product Officer, iGP gives his insights at the last ICE London show 2024.

Question: How do underperforming operators raise their game?

Product quality

Does your product offering meet the expectations of your clients? From beginning to end, does every part of your core product deliver the best experience for your customers? There is only one way to find out: go on your own customer journey to experience what your clients get from you.

Customer Journey

Is your website intuitive, user friendly and effective? Have you optimised the flow from first point of contact to the end result? Do you offer a relevant and personalized customer experience with every visit?

Market Understanding

Each demographic has different pain points and diverse needs. Do you deliver a range of experiences to answer, connect and resonate with your customers’ needs? Thorough and informed market research and data is the only way to ensure your product is right for your audience.

Question: What differentiates the leading operators?


Do you have clear goals, a strategic roadmap and a focus on delivery? If so, add in innovation and the creation of a USP – your unique selling point – to give your business differentiation in a very crowded market.

Question: What is the philosophy behind iGP’s product strategy?

A completely user-centric approach to everything we do is what drives success at iGP. Three core pillars that support successful iGaming operations are under one umbrella brand.

iGaming Platform – a stable and scalable platform, iGaming Labels – the most innovative and commercially astute casino and sportsbook white label templates and iGaming Deck, our single API industry-leading games aggregator

By always seeing everything through the customers’ eyes, innovation and quality are guaranteed.

Watch the video to find out more from Dirk. If you would like to know what iGP can do for you, contact us or visit us on our global events roadshow and discover what iGP means for your iGaming ambitions.

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