iGP's COO on the Commitment to Innovation

iGP’s COO on the Commitment to Innovation


In a captivating interview, we delve into the insights shared by iGP’s Chief Operations Officer, Matthew Calascione. With a focus on innovation and adaptability, Calascione sheds light on iGP’s remarkable journey over the past months, providing a glimpse into the heart of our company’s core values and vision. At iGP, we’ve embraced the power of an agnostic tech stack, enabling us to create a flexible and tailored experience for our partners. By seamlessly integrating third-party solutions, we empower our operators with the freedom to provide the best and most engaging consumer experiences. It’s this unique blend of cutting-edge technology and customer-centric approach that sets us apart.


Elevating the iGaming Experience

Our commitment to excellence extends throughout our comprehensive iGaming solutions. We’ve established ourselves as industry leaders by delivering exceptional services that support seamless and successful iGaming operations. With a rich toolkit of features and tools, iGP is your trusted partner in realizing your gaming ambitions. Calascione highlights the significance of a 360-degree solution, underscoring its importance for partner operators in the iGaming industry. Our agnostic tech stack empowers these operators to launch products quickly, streamlining the operational process and setting the stage for success.


Balancing Robustness and Customization

Calascione also addresses the delicate balance between robustness and customization within comprehensive platform solutions. At iGP, we’ve mastered this balance by actively listening to our clients’ feedback and incorporating their valuable insights into our platform’s development. The result is a solution that is not only comprehensive but also adaptable to our clients’ unique needs and branding preferences.


Pioneering the Future of iGaming

As we navigate an exciting period for the company, the infusion of fresh talent and a strategic rebrand have bolstered iGP’s capabilities and experiences. The innovative spirit that drives us forward is encapsulated in our commitment to delivering top-quality results and excellent customer service. We’re focused on driving innovation, expanding into new markets, and maintaining regulatory compliance while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. Calascione’s insights offer a glimpse into the exciting roadmap ahead for iGP. As we continue to invest in cutting-edge solutions, foster partnerships, and expand into new markets, our journey is guided by the pursuit of excellence. iGP remains poised to shape the future of the industry as a leading iGaming platform provider. Stay tuned for more updates, as we propel the iGaming landscape forward with our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.


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