iGP Empowers BetGoals: A New Era in Brazilian Gaming Entertainment

iGP Empowers BetGoals: A New Era in Brazilian Gaming Entertainment


iGP proudly announces the launch of BetGoals, a captivating venture tailored exclusively for the Brazilian market. Leveraging iGP’s advanced infrastructure and specialized expertise, BetGoals signifies a significant advancement in cutting-edge technology, sports betting, and expansive casino gaming.


At the core of BetGoals’ innovation lies iGP’s transformative technology stack, thoughtfully designed to redefine the realms of betting and gaming experiences. Seamlessly weaving sportsbook and casino entertainment, iGP’s sophisticated architecture provides the foundation for BetGoals to deliver a unique, immersive encounter for Brazilian enthusiasts. The essence allure is encapsulated in its compelling tagline, “BetGoals – Everything Happens Here.”


BetGoals offers an array of wagering options, spanning 40 sports categories, ensuring sports aficionados can delve into a comprehensive and dynamic betting experience.

The selection of over 7,000 games from renowned providers establishes BetGoals as a premier destination for exhilarating entertainment in Brazil’s thriving gaming landscape. Supported by iGP’s cutting-edge technology, it ensures a secure, seamless, and engaging environment for its dynamic user community.


A pioneering feature, ParlayBay, revolutionizes user engagement by intelligently combining multiple bets into a unified entity, guided by BetGoals’ advanced artificial intelligence (AI). ParlayBay Games introduces an innovative fusion of strategic betting and amplified rewards, offering players a new realm of interactive gameplay.


Marking its debut in Brazil, it extends a warm welcome to new users through an array of prizes, promotions, and bonuses, enhancing the excitement of their gaming experience within the dynamic world of online entertainment.
As the vibrant Brazilian gaming market continues to thrive, iGP stands as the driving technological force behind the casino, propelling the venture into a future of boundless opportunities and unprecedented enjoyment.


Brazil’s passion for sports and gaming presents an exciting opportunity within the iGaming industry. iGP’s role as the technological cornerstone of BetGoals allows us to unlock new dimensions, creating a distinctive and captivating gaming experience for Brazilian players” said Matthew Calascione, COO of iGP.


It embarks on its journey with the unwavering support of iGP’s extensive technological prowess, fortified by a strategic synergy between BetGoals’ innovation and iGP’s cutting-edge solutions.


We are not simply entering the market; we are poised to redefine it. Our technology-driven approach and collaborative partnership with iGP will revolutionize entertainment in Brazil, offering a comprehensive, secure, and immersive gaming experience for enthusiasts” stated Bogdan Andries, CEO of BetGoals.

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