Not Sure About Futureproof Platforms? Ready to Launch with iGP

Not Sure About Futureproof Platforms? Ready to Launch with iGP

Ready to Launch
Is it possible to futureproof your platform?
The iGaming industry is booming and only predicted to get bigger. As one of the most innovative, global social environments, operators who look to the future will be the ones to reap the benefits: and that means understanding future trends so you can deliver the right product and experience, in the most efficient way.
Analysts are betting on double digit market growth with a potential value of $117.6 billion by 2025 through an uplift to 112 million active players.

From new technology applications including AI, VR and increased mobile connectivity, to new markets such as Latin America and Africa, the size and scale of untapped opportunities is hugely exciting.

So: is your casino platform ready to seamlessly handle, support, entertain, engage and retain this significant upsurge in players, transactions and demand for innovative new content and experiences? Is your platform future-proof?

Read on to find out if you are set or if you need to be Ready to Launch!

How effective are your customer experience tools at delivering insights for business success?

In addition to guaranteed up time through constant stability and accessibility, effective platforms offer clear navigation, an intuitive user interface to retain players and, the reason they come, the most immersive content and gamification. All this will put your casino platform into pole position but how will you stay there?

Do you enjoy extensive CRM tools as an integral part of your platform software which deliver player behaviour and preferences for effective marketing? Can you set your KPIs to update in real time for superb management of campaigns, tournaments and promotions; and can you guarantee your players reliability and excitement every visit because you know what drives their choices?
How you talk to your players, understand their needs and fulfil their gaming aspirations is key. Starting with audience segmentation and data drilling to establish the most efficient and effective marketing communications, does your platform create the resonance and engagement that turns players to loyal customers for life?

Do you deliver innovative and immersive experiences that guarantee player engagement?

Many of your players will be second generation digital natives. Their expectations and demands are radically different to previous generations. From gamification and personalisation, the crossover of video gamers to iGaming has brought a new creative energy and expectation to the industry. This has pushed content providers to new heights of imagination. From streaming, social gaming and esports, these fresh players are changing the narrative. And with an estimated spending power of $360 billion and familiarity with in-game purchases, NFTs and customisable items, hosting the content that connects with these players is essential.

Does your platform offer a truly immersive social gaming experience alongside table games and live dealers, money wheels, lotteries, tournaments and other inventive new gaming products?

Individual contracts are time and money consuming. Using a game content aggregator with a single API to integrate games from top tier game developers not only improves your speed to market and your bottom line but keeps you headlining with players.

A constant supply of award-winning, big-brand slots alongside regular injections of fresh, innovative ways of playing to win impact both retention levels and deliver significant returns on sign up strategies for those vital new players. How successfully can your platform evolve?

Can your platform deliver a crypto niche offering?

When Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, few businesses accurately predicted the substantial impact it would have on iGaming. Fast forward to the launch of other cryptos currencies like Ethereum and the creation of a new world of crypto buying, selling and trading of in-game assets; and players are accessing new experiences at a click.

When Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, few businesses accurately predicted the substantial impact it would have on iGaming. Fast forward to the launch of other cryptos currencies like Ethereum and the creation of a new world of crypto buying, selling and trading of in-game assets; and players are accessing new experiences at a click.

Blockchain’s inherent security and transparency have also been game-changers. According to the UK Gambling Commission, the provision of provably fair gaming with immediate and transparent transactions has attracted a whole new player demographic, spending $92 billion in crypto on online gambling in 2021. Moreover, 72% of crypto holders see crypto gambling increasing in the next three years, further growing the market.

Crypto Reporter suggested that 83% of crypto bets placed in 2021 were in Bitcoin. In February 2024, Coingecko advised that Bitcoin makes up 48.6% of the total value of the crypto market with Ethereum, Litecoin and other currencies rapidly gaining in popularity. This is fuelling an overall rise in the number of both crypto specific new casinos and existing casinos offering this payment option.

With the crypto gaming market only expected to grow – by 12.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2030 according to Forbes – it’s time to ask, is your platform responsive, scalable and up to date? Should you consider a crypto led platform template? How quickly can your existing platform adapt to market forces whilst seamlessly integrating new concepts, payment gateways and content, and deliver optimum performance?

Has your platform kept its pulling power?

When was the last time someone complimented your platform on its performance? Do you keep your players loyal and committed because you guarantee them the experience they are looking for through your reliability, stability, data safety and constant accessibility?

Or is your architecture rigid and inflexible making it harder to update systems and integrate new software. Do your agility and responsiveness deliver better value and enable you to react positively to feedback or change? Are you leveraging value from your platform through using APIs and cloud-based servers?

If your platform already has all this covered and can simultaneously offer 99.98% uptime and constant innovation in performance, then probably you are already an iGP client. If you have a question mark over anything, then we should talk.

Ready to Launch

iGP is Ready to Launch. Our new campaign is designed to help clients – new and existing – to access the most innovative tech and software solutions in the iGaming industry. We have built and maintained our reputation for stability and scalability through the delivery of successful casino platforms since 2016. At iGP, we understand that putting the right people, technology and partners together can make doing business as easy as 1,2,3.

iGP, your perfect launch partner

Our iGaming Platform solutions power key operators and deliver: stability, security & protection; fraud & risk management; certifications & licences; reports & real-time data, segmentation; and multiple payment options including crypto wallet, to keep your platform back end and stack running efficiently and effectively.

Access award winning-content through our single API aggregator, iGaming Deck for 10,000+ immersive games from tier-1 providers enhanced with our gamification and tournament tools. With constant new integrations, the only difficulty will be in choice.

Completing the service for total quality solutions, our iGaming Labels front end templates, Showcase Fiesta, Acquire Mania, Crypto Bash and the soon to be launched LatAm Trip, provide specialist, bespoke and off the shelf designs to give speed to market with cost effective implementation and will have you Ready to Launch!

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