Our Day Out in Podgorica, Montenegro! 

Our Day Out in Podgorica, Montenegro! 

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iGaming platforms are often associated with online excitement, digital interfaces, and in-game strategies. But how often do you hear about an iGaming team stepping out of their computer screens to embrace the great outdoors, challenge their creativity, and foster teamwork? Well, that’s exactly what our team did this September in cooperation with OkTA Training Centre based in Podgorica, Montenegro.


The Backdrop: Podgorica’s Enigmatic Aura

Nestled in the heart of Montenegro, Podgorica’s beautiful landscapes and cultural hotspots made it the perfect place for our team’s unique outdoor escapade on September 22nd. Away from the humdrum of daily tasks and routine codes, the vibrant energy of this city presented a refreshing canvas for our team to paint their innovative ideas.


Beyond the Routine: A Journey to Remember

We decided to bid adieu to our regular schedules and desks for a day, plunging headfirst into a day of creativity and camaraderie. Our mission was clear: To transcend the digital world and delve deep into real-world experiences that would perfectly mirror our company’s ethos. And we must say, the experience was truly transformative!


iGaming Values: More Than Just Words

At our company, we’ve always believed that our values are the heart and soul of everything we do. They’re not merely phrases on our mission statement. They are the guiding force that drives every member of our team. This special event was our way of reminding ourselves and the world that values mean more when lived out loud. Through collaborative art and shared experiences, we were able to bring these values to life in a dynamic and impactful way.


See For Yourself: Our Day Captured on Film

No words can truly encapsulate the magic of the day, but we’ve tried our best to capture the essence. We invite you to watch our video and immerse yourself in our journey. And as you do, remember our mantra for the day – “Show me who you are!” We hope our adventure inspires you, as much as it invigorated us, to always play outside the box, or in our case, the gaming interface!


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