Unraveling the LATAM Focus with Julia: iGP's Strategic Endeavors

Unraveling the LATAM Focus with Julia: iGP’s Strategic Endeavors

Julia LATAM @ Sbc Barcelona

Latin America is blossoming as a premier market for iGaming, and at iGP, our vision aligns seamlessly with the opportunities and dynamism the region brings. Our Business Development Manager, Julia, breaks down our targeted strategies, technological advancements, and the milestones we’ve achieved in LATAM.


Dive into the details of our recent expeditions in Brazil where our powerful technology was showcased to operators. Our commitment to the Brazilian market doesn’t just end there. We’ve tailored our newly launched game aggregator for the LATAM market with a pronounced focus on Brazil, ensuring we cater to the local players with popular casino games.


What’s more? Julia elaborates on our unique offerings like the game recommendation engine, extensive game catalogue, and powerful functionalities such as geo-location switch that enhances player retention. We’re not just about the technology; we’re about providing holistic experiences. Our platform’s uniqueness shines through our capability to offer multiple sportsbooks tailored to the distinct preferences of each market.


And while technology is our strength, speed is our superpower. The ability to launch a site in just four weeks stands as a testament to our dedication to quality over quantity. But it’s not just about a swift launch; our focus is on building brands that not only thrive but also cultivate long-lasting partnerships.


Listen to Julia share these insights and more about our continual commitment to the LATAM market, especially Brazil, while also keeping an eye on promising horizons like Chile, Peru, and the imminent launch in Mexico.


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