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A Scalable Platform is Key for Successful Casino Operations

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INTERGAMING sat down with Luka Markota, Head of Platform, iGP to catch up on the last 12 months and how successful iGP’s new strategy and initiatives have been.

From the high impact launch of single API aggregator, iGaming Deck, the release of first Crypto template Crypto Bash and iGP White Label’s plans to industry trends and the importance of LATAM as growth market, read on to find out just what iGP has been building up to and what this will mean in 2024.

Could you give us a refresher on the advantages of iGP’s igaming platform offering? How do you reflect on your past 12 months of operations and key successes / challenges overcome?

The advantages of iGP’s platform offering are that we deliver stability, configuration and scale as the base for our clients’ business success. For example, 2023 saw us average 99.97% uptime and that was due to getting the basics right. Customers can trust iGP and that is key.

Configurability is built in so we can offer customisation and tailoring, giving a huge advantage for customers looking for differentiation in a crowded market. Our scalability allows us to manage large, interconnected applications effortlessly. Integrations are seamless and efficient and this is reflected in time to market and cost controls.

iGaming is a fast-paced industry so managing change is a constant challenge. Investment in and development of our offering ensures we have a solid foundation and allows us to focus on successful innovation. Over the last year we have concentrated on casino templates, especially for crypto; developed support for our Sportsbook; and rationalised and improved payment methods. In September, we launched iGaming Deck, our single API aggregator with great success and this fast-growing platform is already outperforming expectations.

What has been the initial feedback and reaction to iGP’s iGaming Deck? How is this continuing to have a positive impact for clients and customers? What are your upcoming plans for the iGaming Deck?

I would say universally positive. iGaming Deck delivers a fully intuitive UI through a centralised hub and single API. We are constantly integrating top quality content through our partnerships with leading providers. 15 new integrations since launch and many more in progress give access to 10,000 titles across theme, feature and mechanic, including live dealer and crypto options. We also have built a unique data library to give detailed information on the slots, including thumbnails, key features, RTP and more. It really could not be easier.

Add in our expert account management and back-office support and you can see how the platform is designed to give operators unparalleled business opportunities. Latest figures show player activity up by 70% since launch so we are clearly doing it right. However, there is always more we can do.

Currently we are building our Client Area to further improve customer service with easy access to assets; and reviewing our dashboard to simplify the customer journey. In this way, we will be able to integrate new clients even more efficiently and cost effectively; offer constantly updated and immersive experiences for players and keep building the business.

Could you explain how your iGaming Labels products work? How successful have they been in offering an extra branch to your industry offering and do you have any more templates in the pipeline?

iGaming Labels delivers a number of key casino templates, including industry leaders Showcase Fiesta and Acquire Mania. These are evolved, off-the-shelf products with highly professional and easy to understand functionalities and appearance.

Our bespoke offering is for those operators looking for a more unique design and tech functionality. However, a mix and match approach, whereby a client will take a template but personalise some elements, such as the lobby or customer support function is also readily available.

Mobile first design is built in so these templates also deliver a timely and cost-effective entry to market. In this way, we ensure every customer is successfully catered for. Whether focusing on sports, needing a cross sell solution, targeting specific geographics or demographics, we can enable swift deployment to launch their product.

One of our new template designs is crypto specific to target this fast-developing market. We have also optimised new and existing templates to reflect regulation and licencing changes. All our products are designed to ensure our clients’ success because this guarantees ours.

Following on from the above question, how do you expect your crypto offering to be received? More widely, what are your predictions for how crypto will continue to impact the igaming industry across all sectors including platforms?

Recently we have already seen several casinos successfully launching a Crypto Casino and there is great demand in the market. We see a lot of potential in this area and have developed our own Crypto Casinos’ template which we are confident will be a success. Our template will be on par with our competitors but will also offer unique features which are currently missing from many other iterations.

We expect crypto led businesses to have a continued and significant effect on the industry. From live dealer games with crypto, to more players using crypto wallets alongside fiat, we see this as an expanding market that will deliver some surprising results and impact on player demographics.

Crypto Crash games are another element on which we are focusing as an offering. We see these games as likely drivers of increased crypto wallet sign up as well as player attraction to entertainment platforms offering this format.

How do you see igaming platforms and trends in platforms/aggregation changing as 2024 progresses and 2025 comes around? What challenges will the sector face and how will iGP and the wider industry help tackle these challenges?

Demand for more immersive player experiences will push iGaming platforms to leverage technologies such as VR, AR and AI as already seen in many other entertainment platforms. We are into the second generation of digital natives whose expectations are high.

Personalisation and customisation will become a bigger driver for player engagement so we believe iGaming platforms will need more and better deep data analytics and machine learning algorithms to successfully deliver this personalised, experiential play.

With increasing levels of regulation worldwide, operators will need to adapt to evolving laws, especially for ID and responsible gaming; data privacy; and anti-money laundering. Furthermore, cybersecurity threats including data theft will need active and robust security measures.

Many of these trends will bring positive change and development but collaboration across the industry is essential. iGP will always contribute expertise and technological know-how to help enhance security and compliance and protect player experiences as well as deliver entertainment value.

Could you explain which markets iGP has its eyes on for expansion in 2024 and why?

Mexico and Brazil specifically and LatAm generally are expanding markets for us. Our products and services are already aligned to individual, local requirements and our flexibility and know-how mean we are responsive to evolving regulatory frameworks.

Our ‘Road to Lisbon’ campaign has been designed to promote iGP across LatAm before finishing in Europe – which still offers significant opportunities for our products, particularly Portugal. iGP employs multi-lingual staff with cultural as well as industry experience to provide better customer connections for a smoother business experience.

Furthermore, African nations, especially Rwanda, Ethiopia and Nigeria, are high on our radar as these countries offer unique opportunities for innovation and growth.

If you could pinpoint the one overarching ambition for iGP in the platforms and aggregation sectors in 2024, what would it be?

Our ambition is to be the number one choice for platform and aggregation. We will set ourselves apart through our features, quality, and exceptional customer service. The process has already begun to shape the company to achieve this and we expect to reap positive results later this year. With new staff in key positions, improved internal systems, a clear and communicable strategy and full stakeholder buy-in to the process, we are ready to achieve this aim.

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