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Across LATAM, iGaming is the hot new industry in a fast-developing region. Business is booming but what is driving this energy across countries and how can operators ensure they are not just part of the success story but actively driving change?

According to Statista, despite the challenges posed by individual legal frameworks across each country in LATAM or the varied payment considerations, the appetite for building iGaming businesses is such that the gross gaming revenue (GGR) of the betting market in Latin America is predicted to peak at over three billion US$ by 2025.

This tripling in value since 2021 has been driven by just three countries: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. However, Peru, with a population of 33 million could be the next big opportunity, especially with its recent announcement that 145 licence requests were received in one month alone. Leading this new LATAM wave and with Argentina and Venezuela not far behind, analysts are suggesting a quadrupling in value of the LATAM market by 2026 is on the cards.

Successful businesses always look to the future; but what do you need to consider first when you are entering a developing market? How do you ensure you access the most effective people and partners? What tech applications will give your business an edge over the competition?

Operators globally trust iGP’s stable and scalable platforms, tech expertise, innovative product solutions and deep local knowledge to ensure that their iGaming ambitions are in the best shape for success.

What about across LATAM?

Our advantage lies in having operators in the region. Through collecting UX insights and data firsthand, we have done our research and learned what players across LATAM want: we know how to help our partners shape, deliver and drive this new market.

Whether you are an existing international or global operator looking to break into the exciting and valuable LATAM market, or a local operator looking to leverage the boom with proven technology, iGP can get you Ready to Launch in LATAM.

Are you launching with the right people, partners and tech in place?

The right people

iGP was founded by committed iGaming experts who refused to accept the limitations they saw in existing platform provision and decided to do something better. And did.

Always working from a customer centric perspective, operators can rely on iGP to provide the impetus for innovation. Eight years on and this is still the driving force that enables our partners in LATAM to deliver those tier one gaming experiences that guarantee engagement, loyalty and retention.

The right partners

The right partnerships are essential. Ask yourself:

  • Does the partner have a reputation for stable and scalable performance? The repercussions of uneven stability mean downtime, loss of earnings, loss of clients/players and poor experiences guaranteed.

  • Does the partner have knowledge, expertise and reach? Without a data driven approach and thorough research, you are relying on guesswork. iGP has done the learning to deliver the insights and expertise needed.

  • Does the partner have experts on the ground in LATAM, understand your geographical ambitions and never underestimate the power of localisation? Existing successful solutions for other markets will not work here. Responding to any challenge, whether local payment systems, content preference or languages and culture, will be more successful if you can guarantee reliability in performance. And iGP can.

The right tech

Uneven stability is the cause of most issues for operators. Accepting woefully poor standards hampers innovation and loses operators both players and income.

From the start, our platform architecture, technology stack and build process have all been designed and built to overcome limits and provide an exceptionally reliable service.

When you offer this stability, you can build anything and everything else on top. There are always challenges to overcome, but this core gives iGP the advantage and allows us to design and deliver ambitious products – whether the new white label front-end, Tropicana, or iGaming Deck, our aggregator solution.

So, what does Ready to Lauch LATAM mean for your iGaming ambitions?

99.98% uptime means operators can focus on ensuring that the front-end is delivering the performance of its life. iGP’s tech and product teams continuously work to keep the platform up to the highest standards so that we can build and deliver solutions such as new white label front end templates like Tropicana.

Specifically designed and localised for LATAM, the Tropicana casino and sportsbook template benefits from our continuous improvement in product design. All our solutions are proven worldwide and Tropicana will set a new standard in LATAM for others to follow.

But why do players prefer one casino over another? What makes for loyal customers who return time and again to play?

Content is a huge driver but the overall user experience is critical.

iGaming Deck, the iGP games aggregator launched in 2023, is redefining industry standards. With state of the art technology, cloud hosted and a scalable infrastructure, iGaming Deck gives access to thousands of online slots and casino games from tier-one providers and enables operators to curate their lobbies, targeting players and delivering immersive play.

Seamless integration through a single API, localised content and one contract delivers efficiency and speed to market. If it’s possible to make it any easier or more straightforward for operators, rest assured our programme of continuous improvement will ensure this happens!

Our goal – to deliver the solutions that enable operators to succeed in the right markets and with the right customers. And reach their iGaming ambitions.

Ready to Launch?

iGP is Ready to Launch. We have built and maintained our reputation for stability and scalability through the delivery of successful casino and sportsbook brands since 2016. At iGP, we understand that putting the right people, technology and partners together can make doing business as easy as 1,2,3.

iGP, your perfect launch partner

igp Products

Our iGaming Platform solutions power key operators and deliver: stability, security & protection; fraud & risk management; certifications & licences; reports & real-time data, segmentation; and multiple payment options including crypto wallet, to keep your platform back end and stack running efficiently and effectively.

Access award-winning content through our single API aggregator, iGaming Deck for thousands of immersive games from tier-one providers enhanced with our gamification and tournament tools. With constant new integrations, the only difficulty will be in choice.

Completing the service for total quality solutions, our iGaming Labels front-end templates, Showcase Fiesta, Acquire Mania, Crypto Bash and our new LATAM-led casino and sportsbook offering, Tropicana, all provide specialist, bespoke and off-the-shelf designs to give speed to market with cost-effective implementation so you are Ready to Launch!

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